Neighborhood Association Grants

One of the ways White Plains Beautification Foundation supports the city is through our Neighborhood Association Matching Funds Program. Any neighborhood association may submit a request for funds to help build or maintain its gardens. Each project must be presented in writing to the White Plains Beautification Foundation Board of Directors for approval, indicating site, cost estimates and name of the contractor, if one is used, who will do the work. If the project is a new one, and it is located on public property, approvals must be secured from the appropriate government agency first.

The Foundation will reimburse the costs up to $500 for a new project or $300 to maintain an existing garden. Each neighborhood group must submit itemized and receipted bills along with the Request for Matching Fund Reimbursement Form. White Plains Beautification Foundation reimburses for the cost of plant materials and will support one garden per neighborhood association.

Requests must be submitted by November 30 of each year and for the current year only. For more information contact us at