The Greening Project

A youth development project of the White Plains Youth Bureau begun in 2007, The Greening Project grew from a summer gardening and cooking program to a multi-season urban farm-to- table program. It began as a partnership with the White Plains Beautification Foundation, Whole Foods Market and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Westchester County.

Greening Project teens learn from hands-on experience where their food comes from. They learn about environmental issues such as recycling and water quality and how to compost. They have visited wildlife sanctuaries, as well as public works facilities, to learn how to care for rural and urban environments and to learn what jobs are available there.

White Plains Beautification Foundation supplied the seed starter kits and heat mat that was used to get a jump on the cool weather.

Each spring, at the Baldwin Farm Community Garden, students along with community volunteers clean up and prepare the soil for planting. They weed, add compost and mulch pathways. When the weather warms they plant their plugs, vegetable and herb seeds in the raised beds. The students also learn to prepare and eat meals made with their own grown vegetables.