Front Yard Gardens

In 2008, White Plains Beautification Foundation decided to look further than their own 50 plus gardens and thank homeowners for their efforts in making White Plains beautiful. To launch the Front Yard Gardens Program, WPBF volunteers canvassed the city and asked other members of the community to be on the lookout for colorful gardens and report back with the address to committee chair Dorothy Schere, who in turn sent the homeowners a lovely postcard acknowledging the residents’ efforts to enhance their neighborhoods and bring pleasure to passersby.

Some gardens were very elaborate and others quite simple: beds filled with perennials or annual impatiens; pots on their doorsteps or planters hanging from the porches.

As of the summer of 2011, with Dorothy Chervinsky as committee chair, White Plains Beautification Foundation continues to send to homeowners the same postcard designed by Peter Wilcox and printed by PIP Printing. Recommendations come from neighbors, relatives and WPBF volunteers.

If you see a garden within the city limits that you think deserves recognition, notify us at