E.J. Conroy Drive Mural

What was once called E.J. Conroy Drive is now the site of the Main Street entrance to the City Center parking garage. In the spring of 1983 a mural was painted on the E.J. Conroy Drive side of a building on Main Street. It was designed by Steven Gordon, a White Plains High School art teacher, and painted by art students. The paint was supplied by Sears.

In 1993 the twenty-by-eighty-foot mural was repainted. Lead artist Cheryl Bartholomew-Miller, together with Lynn Burrell, Mary Farrell and Betty Graessle, all White Plains Beautification Foundation Associates, spent nine months working on the production. Peter Gisondi, of Peter Gisondi Painting Company, prepared the wall for the new mural and donated the scaffolding, and then the girls devoted two weeks of their lives, working from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., to produce this grand scale trompe l’oeil style mural called “City in the Park”.

The public was encouraged to add the finishing touches, and over the course of two days, people of all ages took brush in hand and “plainted” their favorite colored flower in the “empty” flower box at the base of the mural. It was completed on the opening day of the White Plains Outdoor Arts Festival. It was a community adventure of the best kind.

In 2006, Ginsburg Development, LLC commissioned a high-resolution photograph of the mural in anticipation of the building being razed.