Kwansan Cherry Trees

An early project of the White Plains Beautification Foundation was the planting of 207 Kwanzan cherry trees on the grassy median of outer Mamaroneck Avenue in 1970. The funds needed to purchase and plant the trees came from donations. At a cost of $100 each, the cherry trees were primarily memorials to loved ones, and donors also named people they wanted to honor. A large bronze plaque inscribed with the names of those honored and remembered is attached to a boulder at the entrance to Leslie B. Gillie Park on Gedney Way.

Through the years, damaged cherry trees have been gradually replaced by a hardier variety of flowering trees.

At the same time as the median planting, the foundation planted small groves of Kwansans in Tibbits Park on Broadway, which years later inspired the annual cherry blossom festival in early May. These trees, in their protected park setting, have flourished and attained full height and maturity and are a beautiful spring spectacle.