The Basket

The Basket, located at South Broadway and Armory Place was designed by Rudy Nabel of Nabel’s Nurseries and Robert Dean and built by Jack McGrath and William Strong in 1996. It is made of large cedar boards milled on site and stained walnut. Measuring 18 feet long by 9 feet wide by 9 feet tall, it took two months to construct in a warehouse at Nabel’s Nursery.

On the day of dedication, September 12, 1996, 15 men managed to maneuver The Basket on and off a flat bed trailer to the site at Armory Plaza. Once on site, the inner liner was filled with 2.5 tons of special potting soil mix, Nabel’s “house blend,” and then planted with beautiful seasonal plants.

WPBF had budgeted $5,000 for this “dream basket,” however, the costs for this one-of-a- kind project rose to $18,000. This re-adjusted cost was Rudy Nabel’s gift to the City, a gift for which White Plains is enormously grateful. The Basket has been planted seasonally by Nabel’s Nurseries and funded through one of our Adopt-A-Park Program Major Sponsors, Barbara and Richard Dannenberg, who have continued their sponsorship through 2011.